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Around the edge...

What started out as a proposal to circumnavigate the British mainland coastline as a homage to David Brown's exploits in his Minor in 2003 has been truncated to an 'Around the English border's tour', due to an inability to find entrants prepared to cover the remote stretches around the Welsh and Scottish coastlines. None the less the revised route is over 2000 miles in length and still represents a significant challenge for those prepared to take part.

Stage coverage by entrant...

Schematic courtesy Peter Brock

The rules (such as they are)...

1.) Tour stages can be covered at any time between 1st April and 30th May 2015.

2.) All entrants will pay a £10 entry fee/donation to McMillan Cancer Support (method of payment to be confirmed)

3.) Entrants are to submit photographic evidence of the tour stage start and finish points (together with their cars in situ) as proof of completion.

4.) More than one team can cover any or all of the stages.

5.) To enter please email [email protected]

6.) Coastal roads are to be followed where sensible.

7.) Individual stage route planning is the responsibility of the entrant.

Why are we doing it?


This is a fun event with no competitive element. All entrants take part entirely at their own risk.

The object of the exercise is to raise funds for charity. For this event the PWMN has elected to support the Macmillan Cancer Support organisation although entrants are free to support any charity of their choice.

Tour map...

Page last updated 21st August 2015

M_dark_RGB Stage distance table Individual stage maps


These maps detail 'suggested' routes - tourists can use their own preferred route if required.


A circumnavigation of England's border by pre-war Morris Minor

Completed sections in red - last updated 16th August