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The Pre-war Minor Network has long championed the cause for better photographs of our cars. As subjects, the lines of our Minors, Midgets and Hornets reflect perfectly the art deco period and can be displayed to good effect in just about any situation a photographer can envisage. This is the third year that this website has staged the competition and its fair to say that as a result some excellent images have emerged for us all to enjoy and share. LAT Photographic, the source of many historic images to be found on this website, have supported the competition from the outset while Peter James Insurance came on board last year. Peter James are well worth a call before renewing your old car insurance and please don't forget to mention he Network when doing so.

If it's crossed your mind to enter the competion in previous years and have not done so to date, you have until the 19th December to correct that omission. Remember that only forum members can vote for their favourite images so if you are currently not a member then join today!


Chris Lambert - October 2015


N.B. Please email your entry to [email protected] - high resolution images are preferred.

Jointly sponsored by LAT Photographic & Peter James Insurance

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The Rules


 1.) Images must depict, or be related to, a pre-war Morris Minor, MG M Type Midget or early (1930-1932) Wolseley Hornet.


 2.) Entries can be accepted in the form of a hard copy, digital file or by the identification of a selected image from those currently appearing on the website.


 3.)  Entries are restricted to one per person and exclude any images entered into previous competitions


 4.) The age of the image entered is immaterial so long as it complies with the criteria set out in these rules.


 5.) Members can either submit their own photograph or nominate anothers image for inclusion in the competition. (If the owner of the image rights is known, that persons permission to use the image must be sought and obtained prior to entry.)


 6.) Last entries must be received before noon GMT on Saturday 19th December.


 7.) The winner of the prize will be the entrant and NOT the photographer if these are not the same.


 8.) Voting will be by a confidential poll conducted on the website's Discussion Forum  and will take place between12:01 PM on 19th December and noon on 24th December.


 9.) Should the forum voting conclude with a tie, the website editor will cast a deciding vote.


10.) Names of entrants will be with-held until after the conclusion of the voting process.


11.) Entry is free.


St-Mary's-Island-Causeway AAO 463 Peter Brock Feb

2015 Photograph of the Year Competition

Image: Peter Brock

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