The pre-war Morris Minor played a significant role in helping to bring 'motoring to the masses' in the Great Britain of the late 1920's and early 1930's. The Minor outsold all-comers bar the ubiquitous Austin Seven during this period and yet today rarely receives a mention by motoring historians.


To help correct this anomoly, the Pre-war Minor Network was established in May 2008. Its aim being to provide an internet based networking hub for enthusiasts of these cars and to act as an easily accessible technical and historical resource centre.


Although not a club in the traditional sense, enthusiasts are encouraged to 'join' the Network and participate in the on-line Discussion Forum. The Network has  recently started to organise events within the U.K. at which owners are encouraged to exercise their cars and interact on a face-to-face basis with fellow enthusiasts.


Fellow enthusiasts of the 1929-1932 M.G. 'M' Type and 1930-31 Wolseley Hornet are also very welcome here, as these two models are close relatives of the Morris Minor, sharing many common parts and Nuffield family 'genes'.


Rambler: November 2009

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