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Morris Motors Chrome Plating Plant...

This series of historic images early thirties images were taken at a chrome plating plant which may have been located in the Morris Motors Radiator Factory in Woodstock Road, Oxford. The images were supplied via PWMN member Dominic Ditchfield and surfaced as a result of his new club badge being sent to his daughter in Wales.  In Dominic's own words:


"All this came about thanks to you sending my new PWMN badge to my daughter Emma (C/O Hodges) where she was on holiday in Wales. In fact Helen Hodges (nee Carter) was the daughter of Jack Francis Carter  (to be seen flanked by two others in the background of the opening image) who worked for/with William Morris and was part of the team that developed the chromium plating process in the Cowley plant. (He later went on to become M.D. of Aluminium Wire & Cable Co. of Swansea). So of course when my daughter Emma showed Jack Carter's daughter Helen the badge, the Morris connection came to light. Helen's son Mike then went on a family photo hunt and found these pictures, scanned them and sent them to me."  Dominic Ditchfield August 2014.




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All images copyright Helen Hodges