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This page is dedicated to the amazing story of Minor M10228. It is a tale of travel, war, adventure, destruction, eventual resurrection and final repatriation. This car has seen it all in its 80 years existence. It is also a story about human perseverence, cussedness and skill as this car was painstakingly returned to full functionality from almost total destruction. Photographs don't lie! (All images copyright Peter Hills)

To read Peter Hills story of the car's resurrection click on the left hand  button link. To view the known list of owners click on the central button. Clicking the right hand button will reveal a scan of a letter Peter sent to the Morris Register in 1971 telling of the 'find' and the work needed: (Adobe Acrobat Reader is required)



U750Rene M10228 History

The car as it was post war with owner Rene Lang.

M10228 Owner List Peter Hills 29 Out of Africa Tourer WreckItimpi1970

The journey in images...

The car as it is today. It took Peter Hills 22 years, thousands of man hours worth of effort and lots of sheer bloody mindedness to get the car looking as it does here. An inspirational story for a number of PWMN members who have either just started out on the restoration road or others who are part way through their journey but require a 'spark' to re-kindle the flame of enthusiasm. If this photo fails to inspire, well...........!

The remains of the car as found in the bush by Peter.

1971 M.R. Letter C&SC Sept 93 Article