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From 1929 onward the first M.G. Midget made a huge impact on Bitish motorsport, as did the Wolseley Hornet following its launch 14 months later. The Morris Minor was also creating an impression of its own, as despite the deepening worldwide economic depression well over 1000 Minors a month were taking to Britain's highways. While not  glamourous, unlike  the Midget and Hornet, many drivers saw the Minor's sporting potential and campaigned their cars in the trials and rallies of the period. Some like, Bolton, Linzell, Wagner, Squillario and Whitnall even grabbed headlines as a result of exceptional performances from their pairing with these cars. Many of the images to be seen in the galleries below show all three models in sporting mode while others depict the cars at rest or in less frenectic action.


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