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Displayed here are examples of the graphic art skills of the illustrators employed by the automotive magazines of the period. Here they turn their hand to the Minor Family Eight.

Autocar Diagram 1933 Family Saloon 1932 Family Eight Cut-away 1 1932 Family Eight Cut-away 2

The top illustration shows the 1933 side valve Minor Family Saloon model, whilst the item below depicts the earlier Morris Family Eight powered by the OHC engine. Note the change in model name from one to another and the differing front wings.

Family Eight cut away Autocar Oct 31

This illustration is identical to the item shown above accepting for the labelling of the individual features. This image appeared in a 1931 Motor Show edition of the Autocar whilst the double spread diagram was used to announce the model's launch in August 1931, both items appearing in the same magazine.

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