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Pick up any copy of a popular motoring magazine from the early thirties and references to the first M.G. Midget are everywhere. Apart from the advertisements placed by the Publicity Department of the M.G. Car Company, other commercial organisations were also quick to jump on to the bandwagon which had been created by the car's sales and competition successes. This they achieved by making oblique references to the Midget in their own advertisements which in turn, they believed, would  help to sell their products. Magazine editorial and feature writers constantly made reference to the car which helped to create a cult following amongst the motoring public, similar to that experienced by the Mini Cooper some thirty years later. The majority of competition success enjoyed by the model came in the many famous Trials and Rallies of the period and it from these events that most of the images to be found in the gallery below originated.


Unfortunately many of the grainy shots seen here have been scanned from the pages of eighty year old magazines. In some cases the pages were foxed and discoloured while the original images were also very small. Despite these disadvantages they are well worth seeing again and help to convey, via the huge crowds present at these events, the rapidly growing popularity of motoring in general and motor sport in particular during the thirties decade.

MG-Logo--no-background MG-Logo--no-background MG 764 BOC Hill Climb Gold Hill Chalfont st Peter

M.G Midget (MG 764) driven by E.G. Wardrop at the B.O.C. Hill Climb, Gold Hill Common, Chalfont St. Peter, Bucks in the summer of 1931.

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The Midget as a competition car...

MGCC Abingdon to Abingdon

This entry list and provisional results sheet for the 1932 trial appears here courtesy of Marcus Cooke.

RX 6795 Unknown Trial Summer 1931

John Thornley is seen here driving the factory owned Midget RX 6795 at an unknown event in the early thirties. This is the car that made 100 successful ascents of  Beggars Roost hill on 29th May 1930

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