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The use of small cars by the British Army was a surprisingly late development; Austin Seven scout cars being introduced by the calvary regiments circa 1930 with many of the bodies originating from the Gordon England works in Wembley, North West London. Morris Motors then won a series of contracts in 1932 to supply a total of 169 wireless cars to provide a platform for the newly introduced mobile No. 1 wireless transceiver (transmitter/receiver) set. These were installed in the specially bodied cars and distributed to the Royal Corps of Signals to improve communications on the battlefield and elsewhere.


It seems that none of these Minors have survived and from examining the photos it can be seen that apart from the body and tyres, the rolling chassis remained as standard.

The images below show the car in service with the British Army during the mid 1930's. The editor would like to express his thanks to Harry Edwards (Morris Register Historian) for his help and co-operation with the ongoing research into these cars. An extended article on this subject and other Morris military cars was written by Harry in 2004 and was included in the Morris Register Journal vol.17 no. 11.

(Thanks to Ken Martin for his help in compiling this selection of images.)

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Military Minors & Scout Cars

Morris Register Historian, Harry Edwards, wrote the definitive article on military Minors for the Morris Register Journal,Vol.17 No. 11, Autumn 2004 edition. With Harry's kind permission, his article is reproduced here in its entirety. (l/h blue button). Harry also entered into correspondence with this website's editor concerning the numbers of military Minors produced by Morris Motors. The resulting documents can be viewed via the blue button on the tight.

On Saturday 13th July 1935 King George V reviews the troops of the Aldershot garrison on the occasion of his Silver Jubilee. The 12 Minor Wireless Cars were operated by the Royal Corps of Signals and pass the viewing platform upon which the King and Queen Mary stand. This picture first appeared in the Illustrated London News on 20/07/35 and appears here courtesy of Harry Edwards & Ken Martin.

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