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Throughout the first sixty years of the last century tobacco smoking was not considered to be the socially unacceptable pursuit that it is now. Back then, well over half the adult population smoked, amongst whom were doctors and other medical practitioners. The GPs may well have advised those among their patients they considered to be of a 'highly strung' disposition, to take up the habit, for there was a widely held belief that nicotine calmed the nerves.


De Reske Minors were launched during the middle years of the thirties and their target market from the advertising material to be seen below, was plainly young women; almost certainly because of the cigarette's diminutive size. Many of these advertisements were found in a period magazine, namely Popular Flying, which was very active at that time in encouraging the  youth of the country to become involved in aviation, just as the storm clouds of war were gathering over Europe.


This page appears here purely as a snippet of social history relating to a period in which pre-war Morris Minors roamed Britain's roads in their tens of thousands.



Moth Minor Test 1938
-Mines a Minor-,1930s De Reszke Enamel sign, Morri Mine's a Minor!

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