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Graeme Jenner is a very talented artist who just happens to use the computer as his preferred method of creating images. The end results are fabulous and he has recently completed his first image of a 1930's Morris Minor using the editorial coachbuilt saloon as the template. The resulting high quality A3 and A4  pictures can be purchased via his website and he will tailor the image specifically to your preferences. (the low resolution images displayed here do not do the finished product justice) An example of such a poster can be seen below which depicts OU 6930 as it left Cowley in 1930. Graeme's list of existing images also includes that of a 1930 M.G. M Type an  example of which is shown beneath the Minor poster.


Graeme's website can be found here:

(Please mention the PWMN when ordering prints from Graeme)


IMPORTANT NOTICE: All images copyright Graeme Jenner and published here with his permission.

Graeme Jenner Minor Portrait Graeme Jenner MG M Type extract Vintage Portraits 1933 2 seater

1930 M.G. 8/33 Midget (or 'M' Type)

1933 Morris Minor Two Seater