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An article written for Morris Monthly on a cold miserable January day in 2014 (behind blue link above) triggered a chain of events that culminated in a head to head series of tests taking place between a 1932 Morris Minor Tourer and a 1931 Austin Seven 'Chummy' on a disused Norfolk airfield one hot July morning. The event only took place thanks to the efforts of Chris Garner of the Pre-war Austin Seven Club who managed to persuade The Automobile that  such a face-off would make good copy, while the generosity of The 100th Bomb Group Museum and the landowner Sir Rupert Mann in permitting use of their facilities was another key ingredient in ensuring it could happen. At the time of writing The Automobile's report has yet to be published, but the images in the gallery below can at least tell part of of the story of the day.

Thorpe Abbotts, Suffolk 2nd July 2014

Minor Musings Feb 2014

Those involved: Chris Garner, Mrs Swales, Jonathan Swales, Janie Shepherd, Chris Lambert, Matthew Bell, the photographer.

Minor Seven Challenge head to head