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The LAT Archive is a tremendously important, national motoring resource. It contains hundreds of thousands of high quality motoring images, many of which have never been published or seen in any form of media. Searching this archive is similar to rummaging through a chest full of treasures. Everything examined is of significance but from time to time a genuine golden nugget surfaces. These six images of Minor Specials are proof, if proof was required, that such nuggets really exist, particularly as not a single example of any of these models have survived the passage of time.  


Image 1.) This 1931 Arrow Coupe was the actual car (HX 1908) to feature on the front cover of Light Car magazine on 4th December 1931. It was photographed in the snow of the Chiltern Hills and from the accumulated road dirt to be seen on the car's side, it's possible that this image was taken after returning from that very assingnment.  In February 1931 A.P. Compton & Co. advertised these models for sale at £170, a substantial £15 less than the Arrow Minor Fixed Head Coupe. This photograph was taken immediately outside the Tallis House, Tallis Street, London EC4  premises of Amalgamated Press Ltd. (LAT Red 9130)


Image 2.) Very few images survive of the Jarvis Coupe Special. Built by Jarvis of Wimbledon, the South West London Morris and M.G. agent,  it was a luxury two-seater fixed-head coupe and sold for £187-10s-0d, a full £2-10s-0d more than an M.G. Midget. The few Coupes that were sold left the Jarvis workshop in the latter half of 1930 with perhaps a few more in early 1931.  This particular image was found amongst The Motor photographic archive, which was inherited by the Autocar proprieters Haymarket Press, upon their acquisition of the title in 1988. (LAT 548-3)


Image3.) The 1929/1930 Maddox Coupe was yet another luxury version of the Minor selling at £185. Like the Arrow Coupe, the Maddox had vertical A posts which gave the car a very upright stance and a twenties look. The firm made both Fixed-head and  Drophead Coupe bodies for the Minor, the Drophead featuring a dickie-seat, whille the fixed head version had a boot. The firm was based in Huntingdon and sold Minor models for a number of years right up to the end in 1934. (LAT Red 7719)


Image 4.) The 1930 Swallow Saloon seen here is believed to be the only example of this model to have left the Swallow works. It appeared for a short period in Henly's showroom in Euston Road, London in October and November of 1930 and it's believed that this image was taken alongside the Regent's Park railings in Albany Street, N.W.1, just around the corner from Henley's showroom. This is the only known surviving image of the Swallow Minor Saloon. (LAT Red 8916)


Image 5.) The Gordon England concern were among the first of the coachbuilders to recognise the potential of the Minor chassis as a home for their lightweight bodies, with the first completed cars leaving their works in Wembley in the autumn of 1929. This shot of the Fabric Saloon version of their two model Minor range, was taken immediately outside of their Palace of Industry premises which was located on the 1923 Empire Exhibition site. (LAT Red 7539)


Image 6.) The second Arrow Minor to feature here is the Arrow Foursome Special from 1931. Until this image was uncovered no examples of this model were known to have been manufactured, although mention of it can be found in summer 1931 Arrow 'ads' in the motoring press. The car is seen here at a concours gathering, perhaps at either the 1931 Brighton or Eastbourne events?

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1929 Gordon England Fabric Saloon (LAT Red 7538)

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