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All of the images shown above can be found on the IMCDB website amongst many hundred of others depicting cars in film.


Debates have taken place on Forums across the internet about which cars have appeared in specific films and the prewar Minor's appearences are no exception; this sparking a discussion on the Vintage Minor Register website forum. ( PWMN member Roger Lucke pointed out this site (IMCDB) to the author and although the following can not be a truly comprehensive list, it is at least a very good start. If anybody reading this knows of the pre-war Minor appearing in other films please contact us.



1953 Genevieve (Dinah Sheridan, Kay Kendall, Kenneth More, John Gregson)

As in all of these film appearences by Minors, the 1932 2 seat tourer represented here has just a very small cameo role to play in the film. This film was made in and around Pinewood Studios in 1952 and early 1953. This sites webmaster lived  less than a mile away and his father (a lighting technician) worked on this film during its production. Sadly Kay Kendall died from leukemia at the very early age of 33 in 1959.


1958 We are the Lambeth boys.

A documentary (number two in the series 'Look at Britain') about teenagers growing up in post war London.

The whole film can be viewed on the internet for free (49 minutes long) and contains some excellent Johnny Dankworth music. Blink and you will miss the 1932 Minor Saloon.


1958 - 1960 The Invisible Man. An ITV television series inspired by an H.G. Wells book - it ran to 26 episode between 1958 and 1960. The very poor quality image may even NOT be that of a Minor, but it does looks like a Minor saloon fitted with cycle wings front wings. A background vehicle only.


1959 March to Aldermaston.

This 33 minute documentary is a record of the 1958 easter march by peace campaingers from Aldermaston in Berkshire to Trafalgar Square in London. The film is narrated by Richard Burton and is available to see for free over the internet. The 1934 two seat tourer is afforded a fleeting glimpse.


1961 The Young Ones

This was Cliff Richard's third film after Serious Charge and Expresso Bongo. The plot, such that it was, concerned a quest to keep a youth club open by its members and out of the hands of a money grabbing tycoon. The 1932 Minor two-seater is fleetingly seen parked up outside of the youth club in question.


1963 Summer Holiday.

This typically British early sixties film was really just a vehicle for Cliff Richard & the Shadows to perform some non-descript pop songs in a number of semi-exotic locations to boost the sale of their vinyl L.P. of the same name. Also featured Una Stubbs, an AEC Regent 111 double decker bus and a lilac 1932 Minor four seat tourer.


1965 The Face of Fumanchu.

One of a series of Fumanchu films it starred Christopher Lee and Nigel Green. Filmed on location in Dublin the 1934 Family Eight is seen crashing into a pile of empty pallets.


1987 TV Film Gaudy Night

Based on a Dorothy L Sayer novel concerning a reunion (Gaudy) at an Oxford college and set in the thirties. The 1932 Minor has been fitted with an earlier chrome radiator souround.


1990-1993 Jeeves and Wooster (Stephen Fry and Hugh Lawrie)

A television series based on the P.G. Woodhouse novels. No indication unfortunately as to which episode features the Minor - a 1932 Saloon.


2001 Back Home.

Set immediatly after World War Two in Britain, this film stars Stephanie Cole and Sarah Lancashire. The film is concerned with evacuees returning home and the changes that have taken place. Their characters are finding it difficult to adjust to the rapidly changing social climate that was Britain in the mid-forties. The car also plays a significant role!


2002-2008 Foyles War (Michael Kitchen)

Unlike the other Minors shown here, this car is known to the writer and to many other Minor enthusiasts in the U.K. The car  (1930 Minor Tourer) is owned by Clive Hamilton-Gould and has won many competition trophies whilst in his hands.


2004 Ladies in Lavender (Judi Dench, Maggi Smith)

A full length feature film set in Cornwall during the thirties. The 1934 Saloon plays a more significant role than elsewhere.




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