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Which one is yours?

Or where are they now?

Our cars are regularly traded. Some are sold to fellow enthusiasts, many to customers outside of our small cloistered community. A growing number are traded by auction houses and keeping track of them all is often very difficult. This responsibility is probably best left to organisations such as the Morris Register here in the U.K. and the Vintage Minor Register in the U.S. this task being a key reason for their very existence.


Despite the best efforts of these organisations, cars continue to go 'missing'. On display in the gallery below are just some of the pre-war Morris Minors that in recent years have disappeared from the collective radar. If anyone viewing these images knows of their current whereabouts, please contact the PWMN here.


To make other enthusiasts aware of a 'find' just click upon 'Add a comment' and leave a message in the Guestbook below. Perhaps collectively we can find some of these missing vehicles.





Missing Morris Minors...

Page updated 5th July 2015

In addition to those missing Minors appearing above Lewis Stone is looking for a 1934 Minor Tourer homebuilt special, KY 4601 which was last seen in Norfolk.

If you want to find a missing pre-war Minor or MG M Type, email an image or a description (with last known whereabouts) to the PWMN and those details will be posted here.



When posting here please make reference to the image in question by number (left to right) or vehicle registration.