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The Gren Strickland Archive


During the early part of this decade Gren Strickland ran a web site that catered for enthusiasts of the side valve variant of the pre-war Minor. At this time the VMR (Vintage Minor Register) was only concerned with the overhead valve version of the car and a friendly rivalry was established between the two web sites, not withstanding the fact that Gren had helped construct and initially run the VMR site.


In 2005 Gren decided to part company with his 1934 two seat tourer and felt that he could no longer run his Minor side-valve website. Much material was passed onto the VMR, some of which has been used and can be seen in the current VMR Members Pages. The OHC exclusivity of the VMR eventually disappeared in the autumn of 2006 at which time the side valve cars were accepted and welcomed for the first time. Gren deserves some credit for enabling this schism to be healed and for his persistant lobbying for the Side Valve  Minor cause.


Although no longer active with Minors, Gren did not 'wipe' his web site material and kept it safely tucked away on a server. He recently stumbled across the PWMN site and decided to 'pass on' his large archive of material  for which the author is extremely grateful. The first batch of this material is shown below. These images will be rotated over time to ensure that most (if not all) of the pictures get displayed to a wider audience once again.


Quality Note.


The majority of the images displayed here are of low resolution. They were taken at a time when digital photography was still in its (comparative) infancy. Cameras were of the 2 or 3 megapixel type and without the compensating software that exists today. Most of these images have had a quick 'trip' through 'Photoshop' to improve the way they 'view' here.


N.B. Little is known about much of the material displayed here. If you can add any additional information about an image, please contact the PWMN via the 'Contact Us' tab in the TRHC of this page.