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Hidden away on the ground floor of a modern office building in a former television studios in Teddington is a treasure trove of motoring history. (since relocated) This is the photographic archive of the Haymarket Media Group which amongst many of the titles under its ownership, is that of The Autocar. This respected motoring periodical dates back to 1895 since when it has displayed tens of thousands of motoring images upon its pages. Many of these originate from the period in which our interest lies, namely that of the late nineteen twenties and early nineteen thirties. The PWMN and LAT have recently concluded an agreement for the restricted use of some of these images on this website, enabling Minor, 'M' Type and early Hornet enthusiasts to see shots of these cars taken by some of the period's great automotive photographers. The majority of the images in question were taken on plate cameras and have never before been published, while others will be seen for the first time in their unedited state. LAT see this as an opportunity to market a section of their archive to a niche 'enthusiast' audience and it is hoped that sales of these images will follow as a result of this collaboration. If you do see an image displayed here and would like to order a high resolution print, then please use the contact box at the foot of this page and ensure that you mention the PWMN in your message.


In addittion to this, LAT have also agreed to sponsor the popular website feature, Image of the Week (IOTW). While LAT sourced images will regularly appear in this slot,  their sponsorship does not exclude the appearence of other non-LAT sourced photographs.



When enquiring or ordering prints from LAT please use the image reference number to be found on the caption to each photo.

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Throughout the first 90 years of the twentieth century The Autocar had a formidable weekly rival publication in the shape of The Motor. In 1992 this rivalry ended when The Motor title was absorbed into the Haymarket Group and for a brief period the combined magazine was known as The Autocar and Motor. As a result of this merger or takeover the Teddington LAT archive also contains many thousands of Motor images, although, as yet, these are not catalogued in the same manner as those of The Autocar. The Motor was owned by Temple Press who were also proprietors of another weekly publication, the Light Car & Cyclecar magazine. Recently a number of images that were first seen in the Light Car have surfaced in the LAT archive amongst those published by The Motor. These images could be of great historical importance as it was believed that few had survived following the Light Car's demise in the mid fifties.

1930 MCC London Edinburgh Trial. Competitors queuing to ascend Park Rash. These include three Midgets and a Hornet saloon. The first two Midgets in the queue are KS 4445 and WL9704 respectively, driven by M.H. Scott and J.M. Easonsmith, while the 1930 Hornet Saloon is RB 1598 driven by D.E.M. Douglas-Morris. LAT B3929

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The amount of detail held in the LAT supplied photographic prints is quite amazing. This scanned enlargement of a quarter glass plate contact print (B3929) enabled vehicle registrations to be read. Enlagements such as this will aid those involved with motoring research, while restorers will also find enlarged images invaluable for the detail contained therein.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The images to be seen in the gallery below have all been edited with the aid of imaging enhancing software and are not as they would appear in a 'raw' state if ordered as a contact print. However all ENLARGEMENT prints ordered from LAT are carefully edited in the darkroom and are of professional quality.

Queuing for Park Rash London Edinburgh LAT B3929 Detail c LAT P.D.A.SMALL LOGO Capture