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In September 2012  an affiliation agreement was concluded between the PWMN and the Morris Register. The purpose of the agreement was to create a lasting bond and relationship, thus ensuring the survival of the extensive PWMN archive of web based Minor related material. The document announcing the establishment of the affiliation can be seen via this Blue Button:

Affiliation Annoucement

The Morris Register was and remains an ideal partner for the PWMN in that it has supported and encouraged pre-war Morris ownership for over 50 years while also promoting the Morris marque at every opportunity. It has a large and growing membership (1800+) and its long term survival as a club is assured through its sound infrastructure. In fact a number of members of the PWMN are also long term members of the Morris Register. The new Morris Register/PWMN alliance will not only benefit existing PWMN members (Of which more below) but will also bring a wealth of readily accessible data on the Minor to M.R. members who either own an example of the car or who simply have an interest in the model. Unquestionably, thare are a significant number of Minor owning M.R. members for whom the PWMN remains something of a mystery, an issue to be addressed over the coming months. While membership of the PWMN is unaffected by this affiliation, the Morris Register would encourage PWMN members to consider joining the club. Why? Just read about the many benefits membership brings:

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A very tangible and regular benefit of membership is the arrival through the letterbox each month of an award winning, all Morris magazine, Morris Monthly. Apart from a large regional news section there are now many regular features including a reproduced section from eighty year old editions of Morris Owner, the must have magazine for owners of our cars at that time. In addition there are book serialisations, technical items, small ads, readers letters and Minor owner John Nagle's column in which he takes a light hearted view of old car ownership - plus a lot more besides.

A further benefit are the scores of  regular 'noggins'  run by regional  club members across the length and breadth of the U.K. These noggins take place in pubs and clubs and are an ideal way to meet with fellow enthusiasts and discuss all things Morris. A list of noggins can be found beneath the appropriate Blue Button below.

The benefits don't stop there. The club runs an on-line club shop from which members can purchase club regalia, and books published by the club, such as the recently released, The Complete Morris Minor. Members can also avail themselves of the club's Spares Service, where newly produced Morris spares can be purchased at very competitive prices, while some of these parts are just not available elsewhere.

The big event in the Morris Register's calendar is the club's Annual Rally which has been held for many years now at Thoresby Park in Nottinghamshire. It attracts members and their cars from all over the U.K. and beyond and is both a celebration and grand jamboree for all Morris enthusiasts.

Of course the club runs its own website where much to interest members can be found, particularly behind the password protected Member's Area of the site, which is also where the club's Discussion Forum resides.

For those pre-war Minor owners contemplating joining an appropriate club, look no further than the Morris Register. It will not affect your PWMN membership and brings with it a wealth of benefits available from a substantive and respected organisation, managed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.  

A Minor adorns the cover of the club magazine Morris Monthly.

Tom Bourne (Morris Register Club Secretary) writes...

The affiliation between the PWMN and the Morris Register represents the closing of a loop that has evolved over the last half-century as Morris Minor owners were instrumental in the earliest stages of what is now the Morris Register.


The Morris Register commenced life as the "Morris Eight Tourer Club" (M8TC). Two enthusiasts who shared a common interest in pre-war Morris 8HP Tourers (Minors and Eights 1929-1939) put an announcement of the formation of the club in the motoring press in January 1960, and membership grew steadily. With the growth in membership came the formation of regional groups, and a pattern of events, meetings and rallies was formulated that has continued until the present day.


Under pressure the club eventually admitted Minor saloons in 1961 and Eight saloons in 1964 as associate members. Pressure to extend the scope of vehicles covered by the M8TC continued, and in 1967 a separate "10/25" Register was established under umbrella of the M8TC. It was also at this time that Eight saloon owners were granted full membership of the now inappropriately named "Morris Eight Tourer Club and Morris 10/25 Register", and in 1968 the name "Morris Register" was adopted.


The club now caters for all Morris vehicles (cars, vans and commercials) of types first designed before 1940. This includes vehicles in production from 1913 up to the last of the Series Z vans in 1953. The structure of the organisation of the Register has continued to evolve, with regional groups playing a key role, an active programme of events, a monthly magazine and a comprehensive spares service.


The club's committee is very supportive of the affilliation with the PWMN, and will be particularly happy to welcome all PWMN Minor owners into membership, thus completing the loop and coming back into the club where it all started. As we move into the milestone of the centenary year of Morris, we are working very closely with all Morris clubs, particularly the Bullnose Morris Club and the Morris Minor Owners Club, on a range of celebration events.


Tom Bourne (Club Secretary) - February 2013

thoresby ed

Thoresby Park, Notts: Current home of the annual Morris Register Rally

The Morris Register 'Chrome' Minor Chassis...

In 1969 the fledgling Morris Register acquired a chromium plated 1932 season Morris Minor chassis frame from the recently formed British Leyland Motor Corporation, the successors to British Motor Holdings and British Motor Corporation (BMC), manufacturers from 1952 onward of Morris motor vehicles. Detail of just how the club came to acquire the frame are not known to the writer, but these summer 1969 images (courtesy of Ken Martin) show that is was delivered or collected from Cowley with just three wheels. At the time the chassis was handed over to the Morris Register it was also missing a steering wheel, engine, gearbox and propshaft, all of which were subsequently installed by club members following cosmetic refurbishment.


It is believed that the chassis was originally built as an exhbit for the Morris Motors stand at the October 1931 London Motor Show at Olympia. These days the chassis appears regularly at events attended by the Morris Register, while its permanent home is the Oxford Bus Museum. (Thanks to Ken Martin for his help in the preparation of this item)