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From the outset, the Minor, in all of it guises, has been successfully used as a competition vehicle. The earliest record found of the car taking part in a major trial was that of Fabric Saloon MM 6809, a photograph appearing in the December 11th 1928 edition of The Motor, where it was spotted competing in that years London-Gloucester Trial (see scan below). During 1929 and early 1930 it was, surprisingly, the Fabric Saloon version of the car that appeared on most entry lists whilst in the hands of some very capable drivers of the period. These included Linzell, Livesey and F.W.J. Bolton. It was the latter of this trio who went on to become the winner of many awards, initially driving a Saloon but by 1930 he had acquired a two-seat open Minor, the pretty Page Special in which he successfully competed from then on. From early 1930 the new Minor Specials from coachbuilders such as Hoyal, CMS, Gordon England and the most numerous by far, A.P. Compton's Arrow, were to be found on results sheets alongside the very popular MG Midget. By 1932 it was the skill of drivers such as Squillario, Whitnall and Wagner who were to fly the Minor flag in competition with W.W. Whitnall taking part in over 20 major trials in his Minor during the course of the thirties decade. The large pre-war image gallery below contains photo snippets from the weekly and monthly motoring periodicals of the time, gathered together here for convenience, and to illustrate that it was not just the MG Midget that the huge crowds came along to see!


Minors can still be seen competing in the U.K. today at the various VSCC events - hill climbs, driving tests, trials and even the odd sprint, as the gallery below illustrates. Notable post war exponents of Minor competition driving must include Eddie Wrigley, Rosemary Burke, Sue Woodward, Paul Rodgers and perhaps the most successful of them all, Clive Hamilton - Gould. (See his long lists of achievements in the wonderful book about the history of the LC&ES 'Light Car Journey' compiled by Tim Cork ISBN 0-9542876-1-4)


A number of PDF files are displayed below detailing the story of a 1933 McEvoy Minor Special and its crew of two ladies who competed in the first Welsh Rally in July 1935. These items include official rally documentation together with a number of contemporary Autocar articles.

(Submissions for inclusion in this gallery welcomed.)

1935 Welsh Rally Regulations 1935 Welsh Rally Route Book Autocar Welsh Rally Articles The First Welsh Rally 1931 Belgian 24 Hour race Motor Sport Header Speed Magazine Header MCC High Speed Trial 1930

Two Minors took part in the 1930 MCC High Speed Trial - find out how they got on here.

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Linzell's 60MPH Fabric Saloon

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E. Hillary at the wheel of Minor Fabric Saloon KP 4425 on Ibberton Hill, Dorset during the course of a very wet MCC London Exeter Trial. The event was held on 27th and 28th December 1929, Hillary gaining a Bronze award. 

(LAT Plate B2987)

KJ 5909 Minor two-seater LAT C 5168 ed header

J. L. Lyle in his 1932 Minor Two-seater climbs a steep Devon hill in the 1934 MCC London-Exeter Trial (LAT Plate C5168)

B 2987 EHillary KP 4425 1929 MCC Exeter Trial  Min Competition Minors 1929-39

N.B. Miss Sybil Edmondson to whom these 1935 Welsh Rally entry details refer, also competed in the 1935 RAC Rally in a McEvoy Minor, although the records show that the car was retired. This Welsh entry does not indicate the type or model of Minor entered.

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