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In the years 1929 - 1934 the British Empire, while in terminal decline, remained very much a working entity. Contemporary maps of the Indian sub-continent were coloured completely red including the large island of Ceylon at its southernmost tip. Morris Motors exported significant numbers of cars and commercial vehicles to this region throughout the period in order to provide transport for the British ex-pat community consisting of civil servants, business men and their families, plus of course the large British forces contingent garrisoned there. Included amongst these vehicles were an unspecified number of Morris Minors as can be seen from the images in the first of the three galleries below. After WWll and the arrival of Indian Independance in 1947 many of these vehicles were left behind by the departing British, eventually finding new homes with the local populace. For many decades these cars remained hidden from view, that is until the advent of the internet, with its instantaneous communication and powerful search engines.This has enabled Morris Minor slueths such as Kartikeya Lunia and Parth Mehd to begin the process of re-discovering these long lost vehicles once again. The results of their endeavours can be found in the 'Indian survivors' gallery below.

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Maharaja of Jodhpur Special a MM for Maharajha of Jodhpur MO Feb 32

Maharaja of Johdpur 1931 Morris Minor Two-seater Special: This car was built by Morris Commercial Cars of Birmingham to fulfil an order for the Maharaja of Jodhpur in the autumn of 1931. The car was to be a gift for his young son and was eventually delivered in early 1932. Subsequently lost, believed destroyed, it re-emerged in the spring of 2012 thanks to the efforts of Kartikeya Lunia, Parth Mehd and Ken Martin.

... a forgotten British legacy

Minor motoring tales from the days of the British Raj...

Punjabi Semi-Sports Semi-Sports in the Murree Hills M.O. Nov 31 A hazardous trip Bombay Tree Feller M.O. July 32 Himalayan Minor MO Mar 33 Minor to Simla

Thanks to Kartikeya Lunia (right) for sourcing the majority of the images to be seen here. He and Parth Mehd (left) both own Minors and 'fly the flag' for the model on the Sub-continent. If you have any further information concerning any of the cars seen in the gallery to the right, please contact the PWMN.

2155-011 Kartik and Parth 2011

Minorists Parth Mehd & Kartikeya Lunia

USJ 1795 Minor Tourer Jaipur Kartik Mar 2013 d ed